ROHKEE! supports learning paths of children with trauma-experience

ROHKEE! is partially funded by the EU during 2024-2025

ROHKEE! is a two-years project of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (Uusimaa district) financed by European Union Home Affairs Funds for Asylum, Migration, and Integration (AMIF).

The project's target group is 9-18-year-old children and young people who have arrived from third countries from war and crisis zones.

ROHKEE! uses an evaluated evidence based TRT method

The project uses the Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT) method which a manualized mental health group intervention developed by the Children and War foundation (CAWF).

The method is evaluated strong and MLL Uusimaa also has good experience using TRT with ukrainian refugees. Children in TRT groups have found joy to return to their lives.

ROHKEE! supports learning

ROHKEE! aims to support the smoothness of the learning path of immigrants coming from the third countries and to promote the transition from one school level to another and the completion of studies. 

Group activities and individual support that support children's and youth's ability to function and school success promote learning and the smoothness of the joint stages of studies. 

Ability to perform and participate is endorsed by offering intensive support for processing traumas and crises in a safe environment, thus promoting children's and young people's readiness to learn new things and see their own possibilities also in terms of further studies.

Teaching Recovery Techniques

ROHKEE! uses the TRT method (Teaching Recovery Techniques) Teaching Recovery Techniques is a manualized intervention developed by the Children and War foundation.

The aim of the intervention is to teach children methods to reduce stress-reaction

The TRT-intervention is suitable for treating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), coping after a trauma and support the child's recovery.

ROHKEE! goals

The goal of the project is that most of the children and young people who participated in the activity feel that they have received support in going to school and their school success improves, the children and young people learn to see their own strengths and the different possibilities of further studies - the children and young people get to continue their studies.

The dropout rate of students who moved from third countries has decreased, and the transition of students from third countries from one school level to the next has improved. More children from immigrant families than now can enter university. In addition, children and young people experiencing learning and well-being challenges are better identified and they receive support in their situation.

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