Koivukylä open meeting place

Karsikkokuja 17, 1. floor, Vantaa

Koivukylä's open meeting place is temporarily closed due to corona restrictions.

You can still make an appointment for discussion with professionals and receive food aid. Our recycling point works on Take away principle. Tell us what you need via message/call and we will collect a bag for you and bring it to the door.  Call or message: 0449012555 /Reetta or 0449012554 /Karoliina.

We organize Online activities for families. You can find the most up-to-date information on our Facebook page.

You can book a time for our professionals via Karoliina: tel. 0449012554 or by e-mail: karoliina.tukiainen@mll.fi

  • For a conversation with an employee:
    • Neuvola family worker (Thursdays 9-12.30)
    • Perhekoutsi -family worker (Wednesdays 9-12.30)
    • Domestic violence worker
    • Help with divorce or separation issues (Wednesdays 12.30-16)
    • Dental hygienist (Tuesdays 12.30-16)

You can join our Online program. Links are found here.

Koivukylä open meeting place has activities and support for families

Koivukylä open meeting place in Vantaa is a common space for families with children, which is easy and comfortable to get to. At the meeting place, you can meet other children and parents, get support and help, participate in activities or just spend time with your child. 

Open from Monday to Friday 9-16. 

We have 

  • Open play and lounge area
  • A free recycling point for children's clothes
  • Groups and clubs, as well as hobbies

All activities are free of charge.  Welcome!

At the meeting place, you can meet child and family work professionals and ask questions about parenthood, your child's upbringing and development as well as get help with Kela, work and study matters and family matters (e.g. in divorce and custody matters or domestic violence).

Several different organizations work together for the benefit of families:

2021 program and clubs at the meeting place

Dental hygienist available without an appointment on Tuesdays. 

Vantaa Family Coaches available on Wednesdays 9-12.30 without an appointment.  Family coaches help, counsel, guide, and listen to Vantaa families with children in their everyday problem situations. Ask by email: vantaan.perhekoutsit@vantaa.fi

Group for families with a baby on wednesdays from 10-11. Open group in Zoom. Link here.

Mummun ja vaarin tupa is closed until 28.2. Normally open on Tuesdays. Time 16:00-19:00. Shared livingroom where families and seniors can meet and spend time together. Open for all families.

Open evening family cafe is closed until 28.2. Normally on Wednesday 16:30-18:30. Open for all families.

Welcome to Finnish course, Добро пожаловать на курс финского языка, Mirësevini në kursin e gjuhës finlandeze, Bi xweşî hatî ferhenga dersa zimanê fînî, Ku soo dhowow koorsada luqada Finnishka, مرحبًا بك في دورة اللغة الفنلندية

Discussion  group in finnish for women together with children. On Thursdays (from 21.1.) time: 14.30-15.30 Online.  Link here.

Finnish language course  for immigrant parents caring for young children at home on Mondays from 2 pm to 3.30 pm (from 1 February).  Full.

For school-age children

More information when open meeting place opens again. You can now make wishes!

Contact us: 

Karsikkokuja 17, 1. floor (Next to social and health center)

01620 Vantaa

Coordinator: Reetta Kyyrö / 044 9012555 / reetta.kyyro@mll.fi