Friend for an immigrant mum

Are you interested in internationalism and other cultures?

Would you like to get to know immigrant mothers residing in Finland?

Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Southern District started ”friend for an immigrant mum” work in 2011. Its aim is to promote immigrant mum’s integration and learning of the Finnish language.

”Friend for an immigrant mum” work seeks Finnish-speaking women to be friends with immigrant mums.

Why is ”friend for an immigrant mum” work important?

In particular, immigrant mums who are caring for their children at home are easily left out, as they lack a common network and are often unable to attend language courses.  All mothers are not given information about playground activities and family cafes for example, by the antinatal clinic. Those who receive this information may have a difficulty in going alone to the playground or other local activity aimed to families with children.

Learning the language in a new country is impossible if the mum has no-one to practice speaking it with. Also other regular activities, like shopping, are difficult without sufficient language skills. It is difficult finding the right product without Finnish language skills.

What is it like being an immigrant mum’s friend?

We seek to find a friend for all immigrant mums, who live nearby and who have similar hobbies and interests or are going through similiar issues.


It is possible to take part in this voluntary work with your child, as the purpose is to meet the immigrant mum in everyday activities e.g. playgrounds, walks together, shopping or at each other’s home.

What kind of training do the volunteers get?

MLL (Mannerheim League for Child Welfare), Southern District, offers participants one evening of training, get-togethers, regular follow-up training as well as guidance and professional advice. Each friendship begins with a meeting where the immigrant mum, volunteer and MLL coordinator are present.

Additional information and registration:

Raila Turunen tel. 044 9742 863 or raila.turunen(a)

”Friend for an immigrant mum” work is supported by STEA (Slot Machine Association), Helsinki City

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